Alice: Madness Returns

Hey ho,

Some days ago the first real information on the sequel to 2000 game American McGee’s Alice was released, among which a trailer, a bunch of screen-shots, an official website and the game’s title: Madness Returns. Although I’m going on vacation tomorrow, I just had to spend some time noting my observations of the promotional material released so far. Note that I won’t be discussing the projected quality or ‘worthiness’ of this sequel, it’ll just be observations and speculations. Also, it’s been some years since I played the original, so there’s probably going to be some things that I’ll miss out on. Please feel free to post any additions you have in the comments!

Let’s start with the trailer. You can watch it right right under here, though if you haven’t seen it yet, I advice you to watch it in HD on the website.

So, quite a bit more morbid than the original, I think (or at least as I remember it). But, for those of you who, like me, fear not, as the screenshots seem more in-tune with the original atmosphere.

Anyway, there are a lot of little details in this trailer. Let’s go from start to finish…

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Making Friends Part 4/5

And finally…

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

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Alice Lyrics (Danny Elfman)

I noticed there are a lot of places on the internet where you can supposedly find these same lyrics, however, none of them seem to get the words quite right. I listened to the soundtrack a great many times on loud volume, and am convinced the following are correct. Therefore, I suggest you stick to these!

Alice’s Theme:

Oh, Alice dear, where have you been?
So near, so far, so in-between.
What have you heard, what have you seen?
Alice. Alice. Please, Alice.

Oh, tell us, are you big or small?
To try this one, or try them all.
It’s such a long, long way to fall.
Alice. Alice. Oh, Alice.

How can you know, this way, not that?
You choose the door, you choose the path.
Perhaps you should be coming back.
Another day. Another day.
And nothing is quite what it seems.
You’re dreaming, are you dreaming?
Oh, Alice.


Oh, how will you find your way? (2x)
No time for tears today. (4x)

So many doors, how did you choose?
So much to win, so much to lose.
So many things got in your way.
No time today. No time today.
Be careful not to lose your head.
Remember what the dormouse said.

Did someone pull you by the hand?
How many miles to Wonderland?
Please tell us, so we’ll understand.
Alice. Alice. Oh, Alice.

Oh, how will you find your way? (2x)

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Making Friends Part 3/5

Here we go again!

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

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Mighty Words

I’ve started an In-Character/In-Cavern blog called Mighty Words, where I’ll document my exploration of D’ni and my progress in the Art of Writing. Check it out! :)

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Making Friends Part 2/5

It continues!

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

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Making Friends Part 1/5


Since Uru is going open source, there’s been a lot of speculation about the standards that fan-created content should keep to, if any, and how to make sure these standards are kept to (well, at least in my mind there has…). In an effort to entertain people, perhaps teach them some things, and at least do something to try and help OSUru move towards a good future, I’m starting a small series of blogposts where I grade and briefly review all the available fan Ages out there right now (that’s to say, those on the Drizzle list of downloadable Ages). If you want to try any of the Ages yourself, follow the instructions here.

Initially I graded the Ages on a scale of 0-10, where 10 would be (at least) Cyan quality, on several categories. The grading categories that I used were Visual Appeal, for anything concerning the graphics, layout etc. of the Age; Integration, meaning how well it fit with the existing Uru Ages and how closely it kept to the D’ni lore, the rules of Writing, etc.; Atmospheric, grading on sound and such; and Enjoyability, a kind of overall modifier that just says how much I enjoyed the Age.

The scores displayed here are on a scale of 0-5 Journey Cloths, where 5 is the Age that came out as the one with the highest grade on the 0-10 scale (which was a pretty low high) and 0 the lowest. So, they’re a simplified reflection of the above criteria. Obviously, these are all based entirely on my own opinion, which may or may not hold any value. Please don’t hate me if I give your Age a low rating and/or a bad review. I’m not trying to insult anyone personally. If you want to lift your Age to a higher level based on my opinion, I can give more detailed criticism if requested.

This review will come in 5 parts. Four parts with each 19 Age gradings/reviews, and an additional part with listings of the top Ages and such. Well, let’s get going!

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