Tokotah Restaurant

While in Cyan Chat, me and a few others (namely te’oma and M’buhir) came up with the idea of a Myst-based restaurant. It would have several rooms, each representing a different game from the series. Here’s a list of the dining rooms:

  • Myst: The library.
  • Riven: 233rd Age.
  • Exile: Room at the bottom of the center horn in J’nanin.
  • Revelation: The balcony outside Atrus’ study.
  • End of Ages: The large room in K’veer (where the Sphere is), also serving as a party/group room.
  • Uru: The Nexus will serve as a waiting room, and there will be a large outside place in the style of Eder Kemo.
  • So, I made some sketches of how I envisioned it would look like:

    Sketch 1 Sketch 2
    Sketch 3 Sketch 4

    The first sketch shows the above list again, plus the shapes of all those rooms in my design, as well as a quick map and a small drawing of the building. Not the toilets and the parking lot!
    The second sketch shows some History notes… You can also see the kitchen, behind the large building, in which the K’veer room will be built.
    The third sketch shows how that same K’veer room is partly underground, but it’s kinda messy and also not correct… But it was just to make sure I wouldn’t forget how it all pieced together myself :)
    The fourth and last sketch was going to be a very clean map of the whole thing, with the walls and all, but I didn’t care to finish it…

    So, that’s that, and then I made a 3D ‘sketch’ of the building:

    3D 'sketch'

    Now I’m waiting for te’oma to finish his sketches, so I can make a 3D sketch of those. Then we’ll see which design we’ll pick or wether we’ll maybe merge the designs.

    Oh, you may be wondering how M’buhir fits in all of this… And, well, I have no idea!

    *runs off to ask te’oma*


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