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Top Gear car/rocket/shuttle

This has to be the coolest thing they ever did!! (I dare you…!)

edit: Oh darn, it’s no longer available :( Well… I can assure you it was really awesome…


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Real entrance to the Great Shaft has been found!

It was always assumed that the D’ni cavern was located underneath New Mexico, USA, but new evidence contradicts this statement!

…Do they have caravans in Guatemala?

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Technology is evil

To contrast chucker’s latest post, I’ll tell you about a few ‘It Just Won’t Work-type experiences’.

Well, one day, my connection failed. First, I couldn’t access any website but Google (why Google?!). Then that one failed as well. But! I could still play Uru Live all right! O_o However, since I’m a born multitasker, I quit that and went downstairs to flip the ‘internet-switch’ off and back on, seeing how that fixes problems mostly. But not this time. However, the downstairs computer was working perfectly. I restarted the upstairs one a few times, but to no avail. I switched ‘the internet’ on and off a few times more, but nothing! I decided to go play some End of Ages (UL wouldn’t restart), but at that moment, a balloon jumped up from the icon tray, et voilà! Teh internets was back!

The day after that, I started my computer and logged on to my account like normally. But then I started getting weird errors, telling me that Windows could not find my profile, and that it was going to reset the settings!! Noooo!!! After the startup, all my costumization was gone!! My start menu was empty! Everything had been removed for no reason whatsoever! :((
Normally, my desktop icons are off (because I have too many and it’s more pretty without), but they had obviously been turned back on. But then I noticed… They’re only filling 1/5th of the screen… Where are my other icons?!?! I quickly launched My Documents and I saw…

[My Pictures] [My Music]


30 GB had dissapeared into nothingness! And the same obviously went for my desktop, of which only a few icons remained!! All my work and random nonsense from the past 3+ years was gone! :'(

I tried restarting, as a last resort, and when I logged in…

Everything was back to normal.


Microsoft, nerve wreaking costumers since 1985!

And something similar happened the day after that, because I started my MP3 player when leaving for school, however, when it got past the initial boot-up, it just debooted all of a sudden. It wasn’t on hold/lock and the battery was not low, because it would have shown a message on the screen if that were the case. Nevertheless I tried changing the battery, but the same thing happened. So I left it at home.
Later that day, I hooked it up to the computer to see if that’d work, and the computer could see it fine, but the thing still wouldn’t boot after that.
Another day later (yesterday), I tried booting it again, and HEY! it worked, all of a sudden -_-‘

So yeah, chucker was lucky I guess, but for me, technology is eeeviiil! >:|

PS: And NOW, WordPress removed a few sentences of my post, because I used a certain smiley, which seemed to remove all text up to the next tag!! Grmble!

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Yesterday, I decided to solve Riven. Which I hadn’t done yet. Yes, shame on me… But with Uru Live having returned and all, I have to start gathering as much Myst/D’ni knowledge as I can again (I also printed 40+ pages of D’ni language lessons from this site today).
I’ve owned Riven for quite some time now, more than 2 years, but the game would crash a lot, and at completely random events/clicks/moments :( So I gave up. Also, I found some parts too scary -_-‘
But yesterday, I installed it, and spend two days playing it! I tried using minimal spoilers, and succeeded pretty well in that. I just asked for a few hints in Cyan Chat.

Wow, it was completely awesome :o I didn’t know it was that cool! The islands, the puzzles, the story!! *gaspleness*

Of course, all you Mystfans reading this, you’ll all think “Yes, I know that, I completed the game 10 years ago! Yes, that’s before it was even released!!” But I’m sure what you remember what it was like when you completed it!! :P

Riven’s a really different feeling than all of the other games… Puts the whole series in a different perpsective for me really.

And the puzzles… People say they’re so amazingly tough, but they weren’t that bad… *shrugs* I mean, I could solve them!! :P

And the only scary part about it was the fissure itself opening ^_^

So that’s that! Now, I can officially tell people that I have completed all of the Myst and Uru game series! :D

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Laki Solar Eclipse

It’s a lot cooler than I thought at first! :o

Note though that when the actual eclipse happens, the moon slows down drastically… I guess it was done to make whole days take a certain time, while the ‘nights’ needs to be a bit longer in comparison.

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The Cycle of Things

I took a little movie of the day/night cycle on Laki’ahn in Myst V: End of Ages. The nights on Laki are quite short, because the only darkness is caused by a recurring solar eclipse. However, since no one lived on the Age and it was only used for events, the length of day and night didn’t have to be ‘realistic’.

In reality, one Laki day takes about 3 Surface (or Earth) minutes.

I might do another one from another angle soon, showing the eclipse itself.

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Uru Live

Myst Online: Uru Live has launched!! At last, after over 9 years of development by Cyan, including 3 years of waiting by us, the Greatest Game To Be Beheld By Humans, has been released to find a way and make a home, since destruction is coming!

For now though, we are introduced to the beautiful new Age of Eder Tsogahl, which holds access to the last ‘reward’ of the Second Journey, completing the second Bahro Ring on our Relto’s! I wonder what Age(s) will make up the next Ring? I am silently hoping for Er’cana and Ahnonay, but since those would still still be property of Ubisoft’s and all, we might not see those soon much… However, we might see Negilahn, a museum Age (so not a too large one, I expect), popping up in the Museum, and find part of the Third Ring there. But as far as we’ve seen, the Rings consist of multiple parts (2 to 4 so far), so which other ones might be added? I made a list of Ages that might soonest be added in this post, and judging from that, I think Dereno might hold a piece of the Ring, seeing how we already have the Museum, Eder Tsogal and Negilahn covered, and Kirel will be a Neighborhood (so not much chance of it being part of a Journey). Also, its status on the DRC site is the same as Negilahn’s: phase five, awaiting final approval. So Cyan should have most of the Ages ready and is propably just waiting for a good moment to release them. Also, they could have taken some pictures of it…

These images were released via the Uru Live website recently. They are both pod Ages (which are apparently what museum Ages are). The top one is clearly Negilahn, so the second one might be Dereno. I heard some time ago, when the list had just been added to the DRC site, that Dereno would have ice in it. Ice? Water? There might be a connection. And then some speculate that there might be even more pod/museum Ages! Which wouldn’t seem too strange, seeing how there are a lot of bookstands in the Museum. I personally do think the third Bahro Ring will consist of more than 2 rings.

Well, excitement is everywhere! :D If you’re not in Uru Live yet, then go here now and sign yourself up!!

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