Untìl Now


In 2004, Cyan Worlds, Inc. released Until Uru to the Uru Live and the Myst communities. Until Uru was a way for the fans to keep the dream of Uru Live alive in the hope that it might one day receive a second chance. As most of you already know, Uru Live is being given that second chance and Myst Online: Uru Live is scheduled to launch on February 15th. And so, as the name “Until Uru” suggests, the time has come for Until Uru to fade away, so that we all (Cyan as well as the Community) can focus on the new opportunity that Uru Live has been given.

As of Monday, Feb. 5th, Until Uru and the D’mala shard will be shut down.

The shutting down of the Until Uru servers should not be perceived as a dead end for user-created content. Cyan Worlds, Inc. is actively pursuing plans so that one day users will be able to create content to be used in Myst Online: Uru Live.

On behalf of everyone at Cyan Worlds, Inc., we would again like to say thank you to the shard owners and to all the Until Uru participants who have helped to keep the Uru dream alive.

The Myst Online Team

Okay, so it’s not like anyone hadn’t expected it, but it’s still a sad thing. We had a lot of fun in UU, and it’s essentially what kept the dream of Uru alive for so long. There were some bad sides to it, some might say the User/AdminKI was a bad thing, but without it we wouldn’t have been able to keep ourselves busy for so long. Also, I think it may upset people who didn’t want to pay for Myst Online: Uru Live and thought they could keep visiting UU. However Cyan Worlds can’t let that happen, I guess.
Here are some pictures from UU, mainly featuring the User/AdminKI (since you can get pictures without that even from your offline game), to remember Untìl Uru as a great game!

*waves goodbye to Untìl Uru*


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