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Unlike its title suggests, this post is not about the restyled D’ni Restoration Council website, but rather about the list of Ages they are working on, which can be found on that same website. I tried finding as much info about the unknown ones as I could and add a little of my own theory here and there. But first, here’s an explanation of the restoration phases, copied from DPWR.

The DRC has charged itself with the safe and dutiful restoration of all of the Ages left behind by the D’ni. The restoration is seperated into five “phases” or stages.

  • Phase 1: Initial Mapping – During this Phase, basic maps and documents are created for the Age or location being restored. These documents are later detailed further in phase 3. Dr. Kodama is the head DRC member in charge of this phase.
  • Phase 2: Structural Analysis – All structures and supports are examined for integrity and safety. Dr. Kodama also heads the completion of this phase.
  • Phase 3: Detailed Analysis – The Age or location is given a thorough examination by a survey team, which creates extensive maps and additional documentation on the area. Dr. Sutherland is in charge of this phase.
  • Phase 4: Restoration – This is the most extensive phase, during which all machinery is repaired, structures are secured, and cleanup is performed. Mr. Engberg is in charge of operations in this phase.
  • Phase 5: Limited Access – In this final phase before completion, the Age or location is opened for limited access by authorized explorers. Dr. Sutherland oversees the operations of this phase.
  • Now for the actual discussion… (phases are between brackets)


  • Ae’gura Aquarium (1) – A good start, since I don’t know anything about this one, just that there are “severe cracks in tanks”. Some fans theorize this is the “Sunken Vessel”.
  • Ae’gura Arch Museum (1) – Same here, I’m afraid.
  • Ae’gura City Interior 0054 (2) – Kodama recommends suspension.
  • Ae’gura City Interior 0062 (1) – Needs power, according to the DRC site.
  • Ae’gura City Interior 0078 (3) – No info.
  • Ae’gura City Interior 0082 (1) – Apparently, there’s a pillar there.
  • Ae’gura Guild Hall (1)DPWR: This building housed the Council Chambers, where matters of state were debated by the D’ni Council. The building is described as something of a massive map of the D’ni caverns, with an entry vestibule in the shape of the main cavern, and smaller caverns linked off to one side, also in the shapes of their respective locations. The vestibule was decorated on one side with a tree-like entryway which led into the Council Chambers. These chambers were circular, with 18 columns supporting the roof, from which hung the crests and colors of each of the 18 major Guilds. Stairs, which doubled as seats, led down into the center of the room, where five stone thrones sat, reserved for the five Great Lords of D’ni. Me: The DRC has seccured the front entrance but is going to need more manpower. I hope we’ll be able to start our own guilds, someday in the far future (by the time D’ni has really been restored). Also, remember the disaster that happened back in, what was it, 2004? With Henderson and all…
  • Ae’gura Museum (5)DPWR: Two Ages confirmed to have been in the Museum at the time of the Fall are Neghilan (a zoo Age, of sorts) and Todelmer (an astronomy Age). Me: This project has been completed and should be added soonly! I personally think it will be released at the same time as at least one more Age, which will then have its linking book placed in the museum.
  • Ae’gura Palace Courtyard (2) – Nothing is known about this place, but it seems obvious to me that this is the place behind the big closed gate on the Tokotah Courtyard (picture). Also, maybe this means the balcony at the top of the palace (picture) will at some point be opened up, as well as the broken bridge leading from the palace (picture).
  • Ahnonay (4)DPWR: In the Age of Ahnonay there was a large mechanism holding four spheres, each different. In the first sphere, ‘Ahnonay’ (as most often depicted in images), is made up of rocks and water, with a pinkish overcast sky. Small crab-like creatures called Quabs inhabit this sphere, though it is unknown whether they were placed there by Kadish, or if they found their way in after the Fall. The second sphere was supposedly the same ‘Age’, but deteriorated, with clouds and mist replacing the water, and the rocks eroded. Strange crystaline forms called Ning Trees dot the landscape, and for some reason, register on the large “clock” device in the center of the island. The third sphere was the same ‘Age’ in the future, hanging in space. The fourth sphere was under construction during the Fall, but contains a massive statue of Kadish at the center, and the framework for another ring-shaped island around it. Me: According to the DRC site, the water in Ahnonay is toxic. OOC, I think Ahnonay as seen in the Path of the Shell would be hard to convert to multiplayer, because all sorts of complications could arise. I’m not a programmer though, so I can’t say for sure.
  • Ahnonay Temple (5) – Better known as the Ahnonay Cathedral, this small Age was used by Kadish in conjunction with Ahnonay to fool people into thinking that he could travel through time. The DRC has completed restorations in the Ahnonay Temple, but it’s very unlikely it will be released before Ahnonay.
  • Cavern of Rolep (Suspended)DPWR: According to the Watcher’s journal, it was within this D’ni cavern that the his sight was restored to him after being blinded years ago by a vision of the fire of the Maker. Me: DRC testing failed.
  • City Proper (1) – According to the DRC site, the Belari District is at least part of this proper. DPWR: The Belari District was evidently one of the poorest districts in all of D’ni. There is no record of when the district was originally comissioned, but records do indicate that under King Rakeri, a Theatre Company and Opera House were added to the district, which had fallen into serious disrepair. The district had again fallen into disrepair by King Kedri’s reign, and under his authority, it was further renovated.
  • City Center (1) – No info. I’d think Ae’gura would be the center of the city, so will more unknown areas of it be opened up to the public?
  • Dahtamnay (Suspended) – Suspension recommended due to lack of manpower, by Dr. Kodama. Before the restyle of the DRC website, Dahtamnay’s entry read: environment far too volatile – extreme danger. It is theorized by Durane that, since the Age’s name seems to contain the D’ni phrase “fire-root”, the Age may be heavy volcanicaly active. However, it may also refer to a type of plant on the Age.
  • Dereno (5) – Nothing is known, however it is ready for approval! I think we can expect this Age to be released soon.
  • Eder Gira II (Suspended) – I think this refers to “Beyond Gira” area. DJC: “Beyond Gira” is refered to the area that lies outside the volcanic valley, this is a lush green place with tall rock spires and signs of civilization, currently access to these outer area’s are not possible. It’s a shame it’s suspsended, it should be a cool area.
  • Eder Delin (5) – This Age has already been released, so go check it out if you wish to find out more about it :D
  • Eder Tsogal (5) – Another Garden Age like Eder Delin. It appears to feature a puzzle at least similar to the one in Eder Delin, since a large door and cloths identical to the ones in Eder Delin can be seen in released screenshots.
  • Er’cana (5)DPWR: Er’cana is a large harvest age with a large cerulian sea and snow covered mountains. It is composed of sand, which serves as its soil, and large cliffs, through which open tunnels have been hollowed out to serve as passages to the main industrial buildings. Transportation on Er’cana seems to have been through trams that ran on large tracks throughout the age. Most of the age is inaccessable, as a fissure has opened up under the main track. Me: It should be released in the not too far future.
  • Gahreesen II (4) – The Gahreesen Training Wall! I can’t wait for this to be released. Great, great fun.
  • Gahreesen III (Suspended) – The forest and/or other unexplored exterior features of Gahreesen? When exploring the released exterior features of Gahreesen, we may sometimes hear the call of what sounds like a huge, violant beast (download a recording by me. Try ‘save as’ if it won’t work). This must be what the DRC means, when they say “read Simpson’s report again if you want to know why we won’t be going anywhere near this soon. Scary”.
  • J’taeri District (2)DPWR: J’Taeri is located high on the eastern flank of Ae’gura, and is the site of the Great Tree of D’ni and its associated pub. Many of the richly-furnished houses were owned by senior Guild members, each displaying a large, pentagonal stone shield decorated with the symbol of the owner’s Guild. Wealthy merchants also made their homes here. The architecture of the district is varied and elaborate, with some homes imitating various forms of rock — such as dripstone and flowstone — seen in natural caverns. The mansions of the very wealthiest residents were constructed of a rare and expensive red-veined black stone.
  • Kahlo (Suspended)DPWR: Based on current images and drawings of the Age, it appears to be similar to an elephant graveyard here on Earth, but for much larger creatures. The Age also appears to be inhabited by flying creatures, which dwell in a huge bone-like structure referred to as “the hive”. Me: Should be fun :)
  • Kalamee (Suspended) – Apparently, the resources on this Age are volatile.
  • Katha Island (Suspended)DPWR: Katha Island was one of the many islands that dotted the waters of the cavern of D’ni. During King Emen’s rule, Faresh constructed a mansion on the island, which was later given to the “Guild of Illusionists” (aka the Relyimah) as a base of operations. The mansion is reported to contain numerous illusions, puzzles, and mazes, according to DRC research. Me: Sounds like that big mansion on Terahnee! Exciting indeed. Shame it has been suspended for the moment…
  • K’veer (4)DPRW: This was a mansion located on an island in the lake of the main D’ni Cavern. It looks something like an off centered corkscrew, spiraling up several stories. In the last days of D’ni, Veovis and his father lived there, this mansion having been a family possession for years.. Me: A historical place. It will be interesting to actually visit the places we read about in the books!
  • Negilahn (5)DPWR: Negilahn is a jungle museum Age which contains a diverse array of plant and animal life. The jungle is viewed through a system of pods from which the visitor may look out, similar to those used in Todelmer. In effect, it could be more aptly called the D’ni equivalent of a zoo or wildlife preserve. Me: I’m really going to enjoy exploring this Age… I don’t think we’ll be getting outside, but there should be a lot of interesting views to look at from those pods.
  • Neighborhood – Kirel (5)DPWR: Kirel is the neighborhood where the DRC set up permanent residence in the Cavern. It served as their base of operations, and was not on the list of public ‘hoods in the Nexus. Me: Well, the DRC must have found some new place to serve as their base, as Kirel should be released soon!
  • Neghborhood GameRoom (1) – Exactly no things are known about this game room other than its name and current phase.
  • Payiferen (4) – Same here.
  • Pento (Suspended)DPWR: The Pento Age was Written by the Judges of Yahvo for the purposes of breeding a warrior race to take over D’ni. They succeeded in their efforts, as D’ni fell to the Pento during the Pento War. King Ahlsendar, also known as the Great King, later developed a plague which he unleased upon the Pento as a biological weapon, eradicating the entire race. Me: However, the Age has been suspended for the moment.
  • Pirahnay (Suspended)Dr. Kodama: Strange place. An artist’s Age, of sorts. Much of it can be manipulated and changed within the Age. There was also some backstory/history that was not particularly wholesome. Still trying to figure out much of it, although it’s, quite simply, a very strange place that is even hard to understand what it should be restored to. Me: Again it’s a shame it got suspended. I’ve got a feeling it was because of OOC reasons (well, it all comes down to OOC reasons in the end I guess, but you may get my point).
  • Rahtevnee (2) – “Tentative” phase 2 approval. That’s all I know.
  • Rebek (Suspended)DPWR: Rebek is an Age where some sort of Bahro or slave hunting was said to have taken place, using slaves traded through a D’ni named Manesmo on Teledahn. Dr. Watson: The environment is a large space with some unusual gravitational/magnetic anomalies. We don’t consider it a safe place to be spending a lot of time at the moment. Me: More manpower will be needed in order to unsuspend this Age, but if they succeed, it should be pretty exciting.
  • Teledahn II (1) – Nothing has been disclosed about this, but it won’t be the place where you get the Dock Relto Page, because that’s a Bahro stone, and the DRC doesn’t have much to do with the Bahro. Other than that, the map of Teledahn that, if I remember correctly, we can find in Sharper’s office on Ae’gura, springs to mind. Teledahn II could be anywhere on that map, it doesn’t have to be near the currently accessible area at all.
  • Tetsonot (4) – Nada info!
  • Uran (5)DPWR: Uran was the main industrial complex inside the cavern of D’ni. It was built during the reign of King Me’emen to replace the older Nehw’eril District in 5475 DE. It was constructed far away from the city proper to protect the populace from industrial accidents. Me: If they copy the puzzles from the Path of the Shell to MOUL, Uran will be related to Ahnonay’s and Er’cana’s puzzles.
  • Venalem (Suspended)Old DRC website: environmental ramifications not known. Me: I have no idea what ‘ramifications’ means. Meh, it’s suspended anyways.
  • Watcher’s Sanctuary (4)DPWR: The Great Tree Pub (also referred to as The Watcher’s Sanctuary) is the home of a tree-like structure referred to as the Great Tree of D’ni, and is located in the J’Taeri District of Ae’Gura. Although the Tree dated back to the early 2000s DE, the pub itself was not built until much later, in the late 4000s. It was constructed to honor The Watcher, who had recently published a collection of prophecies in a book which he called Words. Its purpose seems to have been something of an upper-class lounge or sitting room, with the Tree as its focus, where intellectuals of the day could come and discuss their thoughts on philosophy, politics, etc. Me: Yeah, should be interesting enough…
  • 0023 Unknown (Suspended) – No info.
  • 0049 Unknown (Suspended) – No info.
  • That was it! Hope it was enjoyable if not somehow aiding. To conclude, here’s a little list of the Ages/areas I personally think will be added soonest of all the above: Ae’gura Museum, Dereno, Eder Tsogal, Negilahn and Kirel. So start looking forward to those!


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