The Wildtunnel Project

There’s this thing all highschool students have to do in their fifth year, here in the Netherlands, and it’s called the Profielwerkstuk (PWS for short). ‘Profile work’, literally translated. It’s a really big project (ours has around 30 pages, I think). And yes, ‘ours’, because luckily you don’t have to do it on your own. I and Linda worked together on ‘The influence of Leonardo da Vinci’. His inventions, how they were developed by others, how we see them today, and how they might look in the future. And tomorrow we’ll have to present it in front of 20-30 peeps. Which isn’t that bad considered we were actually planned for a much larger room with about ten times more peepzorz in it. So I won’t complain.

But this post is really not about my PWS, but about that of two friends of mine. They decided to find out what you’d need to do to make a wildtunnel. Which is a Dutch word (at least. Maybe also English?). It’s a tunnel under the road which wild animals can use to avoid the cars. They found out how large it would have to be, what material, wether it would be able to support the road, etcetera.

So, they made a few models of wildtunnels, and asked me to make a 3D model! Of course I’d do that for them. And I made a little movie out of it (directed by them). It may not be state-of-the-art, but I’m quite pleased with the result nonetheless. So, here it be!


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