Uru Live

Myst Online: Uru Live has launched!! At last, after over 9 years of development by Cyan, including 3 years of waiting by us, the Greatest Game To Be Beheld By Humans, has been released to find a way and make a home, since destruction is coming!

For now though, we are introduced to the beautiful new Age of Eder Tsogahl, which holds access to the last ‘reward’ of the Second Journey, completing the second Bahro Ring on our Relto’s! I wonder what Age(s) will make up the next Ring? I am silently hoping for Er’cana and Ahnonay, but since those would still still be property of Ubisoft’s and all, we might not see those soon much… However, we might see Negilahn, a museum Age (so not a too large one, I expect), popping up in the Museum, and find part of the Third Ring there. But as far as we’ve seen, the Rings consist of multiple parts (2 to 4 so far), so which other ones might be added? I made a list of Ages that might soonest be added in this post, and judging from that, I think Dereno might hold a piece of the Ring, seeing how we already have the Museum, Eder Tsogal and Negilahn covered, and Kirel will be a Neighborhood (so not much chance of it being part of a Journey). Also, its status on the DRC site is the same as Negilahn’s: phase five, awaiting final approval. So Cyan should have most of the Ages ready and is propably just waiting for a good moment to release them. Also, they could have taken some pictures of it…

These images were released via the Uru Live website recently. They are both pod Ages (which are apparently what museum Ages are). The top one is clearly Negilahn, so the second one might be Dereno. I heard some time ago, when the list had just been added to the DRC site, that Dereno would have ice in it. Ice? Water? There might be a connection. And then some speculate that there might be even more pod/museum Ages! Which wouldn’t seem too strange, seeing how there are a lot of bookstands in the Museum. I personally do think the third Bahro Ring will consist of more than 2 rings.

Well, excitement is everywhere! :D If you’re not in Uru Live yet, then go here now and sign yourself up!!


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