Yesterday, I decided to solve Riven. Which I hadn’t done yet. Yes, shame on me… But with Uru Live having returned and all, I have to start gathering as much Myst/D’ni knowledge as I can again (I also printed 40+ pages of D’ni language lessons from this site today).
I’ve owned Riven for quite some time now, more than 2 years, but the game would crash a lot, and at completely random events/clicks/moments :( So I gave up. Also, I found some parts too scary -_-‘
But yesterday, I installed it, and spend two days playing it! I tried using minimal spoilers, and succeeded pretty well in that. I just asked for a few hints in Cyan Chat.

Wow, it was completely awesome :o I didn’t know it was that cool! The islands, the puzzles, the story!! *gaspleness*

Of course, all you Mystfans reading this, you’ll all think “Yes, I know that, I completed the game 10 years ago! Yes, that’s before it was even released!!” But I’m sure what you remember what it was like when you completed it!! :P

Riven’s a really different feeling than all of the other games… Puts the whole series in a different perpsective for me really.

And the puzzles… People say they’re so amazingly tough, but they weren’t that bad… *shrugs* I mean, I could solve them!! :P

And the only scary part about it was the fissure itself opening ^_^

So that’s that! Now, I can officially tell people that I have completed all of the Myst and Uru game series! :D


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    Zander (the heretic) said,

    Riven was where the series really hit its stride. I prefer it to original Myst. Unfortunately I can’t get it to run on my current machine…:(

  2. 2

    Hey Zander!
    Thanks for your comments (also on my Dereno Footage post).

    If you’d like some help on getting Riven to run on your machine, you could check out Cyan Chat. I guess there’s no guarantee that it will ever run, but it’s worth a try, right? :D

    See you,

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