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I was extremely bored so I created this. It’s completely useless so it should be cool.


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The Flying Dutchman Teaser

A teaser of the newest ride of the Efteling was released yesterday. It’s in Dutch, but I subtitled it for English watchers.

The Flying Dutchman will open its doors on April 1st. You can find the original version of the teaser here.

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“Setting Expectations”

Click here for a slightly altered explanation of the future of Uru Live.

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Dereno Video Footage

A new pod Age was released today! And its name is… Dereno!
I noticed how many people are finding my blog by searching for terms which I can not offer much information about… However, I am proud to say that I can now please some of those people, because I took some footage when I visited Dereno today!!
So, all the people who searched for Dereno myst pictures, dereno age, uru dereno art, dereno picture uru, myst DERENO, DERENO age location, dereno myst, URU Dereno, dereno uru, Dereno Location in Uru and pod age MYST URU Online (etc.): just look at the video! It’s all in there! :D

And last but not least: a large spoiler warning!!!

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New Spore Footage

Some new and exciting Spore videos were released a few days ago via xSpore, so I thought I’d share them (also, I needed an excuse to post here). If you don’t know what Spore is, just watch these videos, and you’ll know how awesome it is.

Tidepool phase

(18 seconds)

Creature phase

(29 seconds)

Tribal phase

(40 seconds)

Civilization phase

(35 seconds)

Space phase

(35 seconds)


Now that I’ve caught your interest, be sure to watch this longer video!
(6 minutes and 48 seconds)

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Myst Series Tribute Movie

Well, the title says most of it… Actually, maybe I should have called it ‘The Myst Series in Three Minutes’… Anyways, I don’t know if it’s much good (I made it in one day), but I like it pretty much. I certainly hope you enjoy it!

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Uru Live Footage

I noticed that in the past few days loads of people have found this blog by searching for ‘uru live’, ‘Negilahn’, and more things like that. Sadly, I propably didn’t really help them on their search for information. Until today! Because I compiled this little video from footage I took in Uru Live! Now everyone can get a glimpse of Ages like Delin, Tsogal and Negilahn!

However, beware! There are some large and larger spoilers in there which could ruin the surprise of visiting the Ages by yourself!

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