Bourdeaux (not Bordeaux)

A couple of weeks ago I went on vacation to Bourdeaux in the Drôme in France. I was too buzy (/lazy) to post pictures, until now :D Once again, all pictures were taken by my dad (unless stated otherwise). Sadly, one day worth of pictures was lost in saving them to his camera’s harddisk… We went to Orange that day, in case you’re interested.

The in-door part of the pool at our campsite (not featuring me).

Our campsite!

Ruins near our campsite.

The village of Bourdeaux.

We went to a church where these three guitarists played. The middle one seemed the most proffesional, although he was looking out of his eyes in a strange way all the time. Afterwards that was explained to us, as we saw him with a blind cane! :o

The church.

Tolkien paths…

Hiking! Some pictures I took myself will follow…

It started raining… (taken from inside the tent, hence the wetness in the foreground)

Now back to pictures I didn’t take (seeing how I’m on this one).

Nature at its best!

Finding the way…

OMG, liek, civilization!!

We had to use boards to keep our site from becoming a swamp.

Bad weather can also make for cool pictures.



Diagon Alley…

Trees ‘n stuff.

More boards…


What our site looked like when we left it…

Some flowers on the way back to the Netherlands.

That was it. I hope you enjoyed it! I surely did, despite the bad weather :)


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  1. 1

    JJ said,

    Loved looking at your pics. We’re going to Bourdeaux in 10 days. Hope the weather is better than you had. What was the anme of you campsite?

  2. 2

    Thanks for your comment! We went to a campsite called ‘Les Bois du Chatelas’ (

    Have fun in Bourdeaux!

  3. 3

    Annie said,


    My parents were born in Bourdeaux, France. I was born near there too. I have not been there in 40 years, but I want to return next Summer.

    Thanks for the pictures. What is the best way to go from Jew York City?

  4. 4

    Stefano said,


    I was looking for infos about bourdeaux and fell into your wonderful pictures.

    I will probably go to work at the camping you have been next Summer!

    Ciao from Italy!


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