Tomb Raider: Legend – Time-spanning Cutscenes Combined

If you are playing or planning on playing Tomb Raider: Legend, I advice you not to read on or watch the video, as it will completely ruin the essence of the storyline for you.

In the story of Legend, a portal exists that spans time. Up to now, it has been visited twice by Lara Croft (the protagonist, in case you didn’t know). The first time when she was but a child, and later when she had grown her famous huge reputation. As mentioned before, the portal spans time, and she (and her mother) are actually talking to herself (and her mother). However, she doesn’t realize this until the second encounter. These two moments (although they could be seen as one and the same) are brought to the player in two seperate cutscenes at completely different moments in the game (though at roughly the same location).

To clarify what is happening, I combined the scenes into one movie, showing what’s happening at both sides of the portal. I think it turned out quite nice.

I downloaded the original Xbox recordings of the cutscenes from YouTube:
Bolivia – Nepal, Part 2
Bolivia Redux – Answers Breed Questions
As such, credit goes to user TombRaiderCentral.


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