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A blogpost! Woohoo!

For Programming for Artists class, I made this little Flash game and thought I’d put it up here for the whole world to play. Because of compatibility issues though, it’s going to be an .exe file (or .hqx if you’re of the Mac variety). So sorry about that. I also didn’t include the music because that would have been crap or would have made the files 120 times larger, so instead you can stream it from here under the track name of Ñubes.

Here’s a little screenshot to warm you up, hopefully:

Draw land for The Guy so he can pass the obstacles and reach the exit!

Download here:

Windows (1.8 Mb)
Mac (3.3 Mb)

I don’t know if this is possible on Mac, but for the best playing experience, select View > Fullscreen from the header bar menu. Other than that, there’s a tutorial and everything, so nothing more to explain :)

I hope you enjoy it! Post your high scores! ^^

EDIT 24-10-2008

I found myself able to compress Landwriter with music to only 3.9 Mb. There have also been some bugfixes. Download it for PC here!


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