Making Friends Part 2/5

It continues!

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

Eder Rilteh Inaltahv (1/5)
Another long walk to nothing. Some visually interesting concepts, but not adequately executed. This was, I think, the first fan Age I visited online in the old times. Ah, the memories…

Enobmort (1/5)
A freaking lot of long, long corridors and ladders leading absolutely nowhere.

Eocene (1/5)
Re-utilizes part of Dragon’s Tooth to create a lava cave. Largely the same as its predecessor, but still somewhat interesting to explore.

ERC Age (2/5)
Has some promising modelling and texturing work, but the Age as a whole is not very appealing (the green fog doesn’t help). The idea is nice; it’s a collection of mainly flora and some fauna from other fan Ages.

Fahets (5/5)
Outstanding visuals and great integration; a great story attached via the notebook. Shamefully, no interaction and low atmospherics.

Fens (5/5)
A large area to explore with many interesting sights and sounds. Good integration, with detailed life-forms and an explorer-driven research journal. Great atmospherics make up for a lack of interactivity.

First Age of Dustin (0/5)
Not really being up for consideration, this seems merely a test Age. My first (and thus far only) Age looked a lot like this!

Gairdin Grianmhar (1/5)
More long walks to nothing, except a nice vista when you reach the top. Graphics are very static, better textures might go a long way in this case. No atmospherics or interaction.

Galamay (1/5)
A big mountain with some cave systems in it, with MS Paint drawings on the walls. Comes with a big cone kickable! Not much else to it.

Hayal (1/5)
Sci-fi references, skeletons, UFOs, penguins, balloons… Man, this place has everything! Oh wait, what was that about integration? And… visual appeal?

Janga (2/5)
Graphically a lot like the previous one. Seems to have some kind of puzzle to it, though. Also has a more realistic geography. There’s some attempt at integration as there are research reports and the like. The place is huge though, flymode is a must. There’s also another one of those earth-like ships, containing a map of… earth! It has a night version which I didn’t check out so much because it was pitch-black.

This Age’s visuals remind me a lot of American McGee’s Alice. Which might only be a good thing when talking about American McGee’s Alice. Well, at least the looks are very unique. There’s also quit some stuff to do in the way of pushing buttons and exploring. Atmospherically, not so much, and the integration with D’ni is limited to a couple of numerals here and there.

Jo'nae Hood(4/5)
Apparently an attempt at creating a D’ni neighbourhood. Nice visuals, and many areas to explore (‘hood, cave system with platforming gameplay, garden with basic puzzle, cool reward area at the end…). Atmospherically lacking, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Kaelis' Pub Office(3/5)
Achieves a nice look by using mostly Cyan content, but lacks shadows. Utilizes some imagers which interface with the KI. Not much more to it.

Kato's Lab (1/5)
Not visually appealing, and the geometry is just weird in most places. Has a notebook though, with stories about Kato exploring the Age.

Kinnekulle (1/5)
A lot of running between places. Contains a puzzle where you need to input the info from one place, in another place, revealing the contents of a box. Well… It’s interaction, at least.

Maw (3/5)
This visually appealing Age tries the player in the field of platforming. It fails to be fun, however, due to some physics unkindness. I.e.; it’s too hard. Add to that the fact that the reward for going through the parcourse is hugely disappointing (spoiler: there is none).

Moysenland (1/5)
Not remarkable in any way… Has a boat that travels extremely slow and ‘quicksand’ where you fall through the Age. Is connected to the Botan Age, but not to D’ni in any apparent way.

Niveerah (2/5)
Somewhat interesting to explore the landscape and find the entrance to the underground tunnels (which sadly end rather abruptly). Integration-wise sets up a nice restoration story by scattering books and notes to discover. Visually not outstanding and no interaction.

That was it for this set. Go on to Part 3.


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  1. 1

    whilyam said,

    One thing to point out about Maw. There is a small reward in one of the rooms. Fair warning, it is nothing special. Maw is certainly one of the Ages I really wan to re-work or expand.

    • 2

      Hey Whilyam,

      Just to elaborate a bit on Maw: the physics annoyance I was talking about is that often when you seem to hit a corner when you jump somewhere, you fall down instead of ‘stepping up’ onto the corner, maybe you know what I’m talking about. I’ve experienced this in a couple of fan Ages though never in Cyan’s, so maybe it’s a trick we need to learn. As far expanding Maw; sounds great, I’m eager to see what lies at the top of the cave :)

      Looking forward to the Corridor!

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  3. 4

    […] reviews fan-made Uru Ages in anticipation of open sourcing. Parts 1, 2, […]

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