Making Friends Part 3/5

Here we go again!

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

Noidrocca (1/5)
From the makers of Enobmort: some sort of insane maze with countless tunnels and ladders.

Violently crashes Uru and/or my computer soon after link-in. I managed to get this one promising shot, while I got the chance to turn around 90 degrees to face an interesting building before crashing. It’s a shame I can’t explore it.

Oohlbahnneea (2/5)
Features a massive unsolvable maze with some kind of puzzle attached that ultimately seems to lead only to a two-page journal about the Age. Not very impressive visuals and minor atmospherics.

Ordovician (1/5)
Some unattractive volcanoes and tiny creatures from the beginnings of life on earth. Note the ‘on earth’.

Paahkweh (2/5)
Has some quite interesting elements. Kind of small, but at least there’s no hours of running between places. Has an interesting back-story in a journal. Visually mediocre. The overall location is also a bit questionable; it appears to be an island floating in a large valley of rock.

Pakin (2/5)
A long corridor of ice leading to a large open space with interesting visual concepts, though not very well executed (shadows would probably help a lot here). Not much to do but read a story-journal. Also a somewhat hidden corridor that leads to a dead end. Plus on atmo for footprints.

Paper Pagodas (0/5)
The buildings look like stacks of playing cards, hence the name, I guess. There’s a tower to climb up and a link to Ae’gura. The end.

Prad (2/5)
This small Age is just disturbing. First it disables your Relto book and there are psychedelic seashell kickables. Then you touch a crystal and it turns to nighttime, and there’s a journal which reveals that the creator of the Age has turned into a plant that wasn’t there before. The midi music doesn’t help preserve my sanity.

Precambrian (0/5)
I guess this is another Age in the series ‘what did the Earth use to look like’. By now you should know that any review containing the word ‘earth’ gets a low integration rating. There’s also a weirdly moving chunk of ice.

Pre-swaltu (2/5)
This starts off as a weird physics puzzle, floating in the sky, but then there’s a hole in the sky and a cave system leading to a sort of huge ice-sailing arena, which is actually kind of nicely executed. There’s stands and VIP seats and everything, then there are these hills connected by gondola-like things. Not bad, though the place is absolutely ginormous. There’s countless cave systems and the arena itself is pretty much immeasurable. Then when you find the end of the cave system you fall through a shaft and are suddenly back at the physics puzzle between the clouds. Freaky.

Rell-too (4/5)
This Age is quite enjoyable. It’s fun to explore and contains a puzzle or two, one of which has a cool reward ride. Graphically it suffers somewhat from the purple fog, but has some good modelling and nice textures. At the end is a very, very, VERY long walk, though.

Second Age of Dustin (1/5)
From the creator of First Age of Dustin comes a place where you can find a hole in the ground into a strange frictionless control-room. Not very spectacular overall.

Serene (3/5)
Well done visually (except for the treetops and missing footprints). The atmosphere is also quite nice, with gentle snowfall and a good ambient sound (though it gets quite repetitive after a while, plus there are howling/barking wolves… Not quite what I think of as ‘serene’). Unfortunately no interaction, rendering it enjoyable only for a short visit.

Setal Gahmarin (0/5)
A huge, huge mountainscape that you can explore and find nothing in. The dense fog doesn’t help.

Shinelight Manor (1/5)
A Writer’s ‘home age’, with a library, study, book-room etc. I like the ‘shinelight’, but that’s about as far as my liking of the visuals goes. No atmo and interactivity is limited to opening a door.

Sonavio (4/5)
Has nice visuals, interesting puzzles and also some sounds. Somewhat bogged down by the travelling times between places. Two of the puzzles I failed to solve, so perhaps there were more wonders than I was able to behold.

Soundgarden (0/5)
A place for testing footstep/ladder sounds.

Sprite Gallery (0/5)
A bunch of sprites with different degrees of rotational freedom. Again probably useful for testing purposes. Also creepy eyes that follow you around.

SuitUp (0/5)
Puts you in an EV-suit and immediately links you to Relto. Gb2Gahreesen.

That was it for this time! Go on to Part 4.


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  1. 1

    […] That was it for this set. Go on to Part 3. […]

  2. 2

    whilyam said,

    I actually liked Paper Pagodas because of its simplicity and environmentals. Reminded me of Tre’bivdihl’s simplicity.

  3. 3

    Note, however, that Serene, along with Eder Bahvahnin, heavily uses meshes and textures from Oblivion. Considering Bethesda does not allow modders for its /own/ games to use content from their games in other games of their /own/ even from the same series… it crosses lines that even I dare not cross. Call it hypocrisy if you wish… Looks pretty, indeed. But, almost all content is copied from existing (and mostly non-cyan) sources… Not that my own is all original, but I at least make no secret of it. However, I never use non-cyan game content.

    Also, re: Second Age of Dustin, and First Age of Dustin… The “First Age of Dustin” was the first fan-age ever released. Many of the ages we have right now, are limited by the tools and knowledge of the time.

    Also note that Uru ABM also had “friction” issues, as well.And PotS has the issue in some places, too. (Teledahn, in places, mostly fixed in MOUL…)

    As for SuitUp, at the time (pre-offline KI) it was /not/ possible to get that configuration of Maintainer suit. Note that the suit in SuitUp does not have a helmet. The command in the OfflineKI is infact named after this utility “Age”. It was only ever intended as a utility, to give the player an unusual configuration of the Maintainer Suit (no helmet).

    • 4

      I wasn’t aware that Serene used content from Oblivion at the time of grading, though that fact would not have been taken into account by the grading system (same for your Pub). However, when we get to actually implement Ages on an Uru server, these things will probably become a problem, with copyright and all. I also understand that Cyan doesn’t officially allow fan Ages to use their content? (again, these grades don’t take that into account, but it might prove problematic for those Ages later on)

      As for the older Ages limited by the technology of the time… In my opinion the Writers and other people that worked to make them possible, and bring us to where we are today, should be commended for their efforts. However, they were working towards a goal and the things we have from that time are intermediate steps, not part of the goal in themselves. In my opinion, at least. But we discussed this before, so I won’t go deeper into it right now.

      About the friction issues, just because Cyan’s Ages had faults doesn’t mean that we should excuse those faults… You can probably find all possible mistakes if you look through all their Ages.

      Ah, I already thought that the SuitUp Age and command might be related :) It’s useful as a utility Age for private use (offline), but doesn’t score high on the grading list (as it lacks an Age).

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