Making Friends Part 4/5

And finally…

If you don’t know what’s going on here, check this post.

TINA Testing Area (1/5)
A bunch of do’s and don’ts on Age Writing. Kind of practical I suppose, though most of them are pretty obvious. *looks at list so far* Oh. (what does TINA stand for? Does it come from TestiNg areA, taking the first and last characters, and two from the middle?)

Tahm Hehvo (1/5)
Some big mushrooms, a moon in the sky and falling stars (constant meteor storm it seems? Nice idea). Should really have some lighting/darking seeing how it’s night-time. No interaction, but a little bit of atmo. Really laggy for the content it provides.

Takla Ma'kan (2/5)
Starts off in a place of pyramids (from earth), with a ton of doors that I fail to open (good thing I can control time and space). There’s some interesting artwork outside, but the interiors are somewhat less impressive. There’s also a lot of long walks and ladders.

Tehr'Dovah (3/5)
Great visuals and atmosphere! Unfortunately turns out to be a Chinese/Japanse (I don’t know which and so doesn’t Google Images) garden/living area, which doesn’t score well on my integration meter. There’s also no interaction whatsoever (not even a journal that I could find, which I don’t even count as interaction).

Terrati Labs (1/5)
A strange laboratory with shafts leading down to a small underwater tunnel system. Not much to do, kind of disturbing to explore.

The Maze (2/5)
Generates a maze. I played this years ago with other people online, it’s quite fun. The concept, at least, is. To be really successful though it would need clever integration, much better graphics and the addition of atmospherics.

Torilacha (2/5)
Has some interesting concepts and starts for puzzles, but is only partly finished (none of the puzzles seem actually operative yet). Fun to explore but suffers from long travelling distances. No atmospherics.

Toroolbah (2/5)
Whilyam’s home Age, it seems. Contains links to his other Ages, as well as several journals with notes, stories and such. Nice graphics and lighting, though I like his other Ages better. According to one journal, the outdoor environment of the Age is snowy, but I missed snowy footprints and howling winds at the door.

Tre'bivdil (4/5)
A set of sandstone cubes in the sea, creating a relaxing Zen-like feel. Showcases assorted items of visual and audible interest. I would like to see this quality applied to more integrated concepts, though, and was missing any interaction. I also found it a pity that jumping from cube to cube is prohibited.

Tsoidahl Sheegahtee (3/5)
Although it suffers from the textures, it’s got a nice back-story and a lab that, at least to me, feels more realistic than most so far. The musical cues (which seem self-composed?) are very Myst-like and help a lot with the atmosphere. Unfortunately, there’s a humongous cave system/maze attached. Here’s a picture:

Tsoidahl Sheegahtee's Crazy Maze
I mean, seriously, right? Also, there’s a map, but it’s in the middle of the maze! How do you find the map? And even if you find the map, how do you know where you are on the map? Plus, the map isn’t very helpful anyway; it’s just confusing to look at…

Tunnel Demo (3/5)
Nice textures and interesting spaces. General location (a hydropower-dam) is also interesting, seems like it could make for cool puzzles. Suffers from long walks and climbs and lack of interactivity.

Tvel (2/5)
A bunch of not unattractive tropical-ish islands. Unfortunately borrows the bulk of its content from Cyan Ages. Kinda heavy on the hardware, too, and there’s really not anything to do.

Tyndior (0/5)
This Age has a mouse (a rodent at least) and a pool of water (is Tyndior the name of the mouse? Or… maybe the pool?). Obviously a test.

Ulteemah (2/5)
Visually not bad, especially has something to offer in the way of textures. Also has nice atmospherics. Small and non-interactive though.

Vaiskor (0/5)
From the same people who brought us Setal Gahmarin..? A big mountain with nothing to do.

Vaiskor Area 2 (1/5)
Somewhat more interesting than Vaiskor (Area 1, supposedly). After finding a journal with a dramatic storyline outset, there’s some low-quality buildings and a ruin. Inside the ruin is a hole in the earth, leading to another world under the first, where there’s huge buildings made up out of primitive shapes. There seem to be some interesting ideas here, but graphics, atmosphere and interaction are very lacking.

Wianeroy (1/5)
A desert mansion and a long cave system leading nowhere…

Windriver (0/5)
A bunch of mountains in a box. Nothing to do. Footsteps and wind make for atmo++.

Writers' Niche (3/5)
I was hoping for this to be a bit better, since it’s supposedly a kind of the headquarters of the GoW… It’s huge, missing lighting and confusing to navigate. I thought I might be in some sort of spaceship until I got to the view of the Cavern. I like most of the ideas for the rooms though, but the overall execution, not so much. Do love the music that plays in one of the rooms.

Zephyr Cove
And last and sadly one of the least, another Age that crashes soon after link-in. I was able to get this shot, but if I move around that first rock, Nvidia goes kaboom.

And that’s the end of the ratings! Keep an eye out for part 5/5, which will contain ‘top score lists’ and probably some thoughts.


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    […] was it for this time! Go on to Part 4. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Making Friends Part 2/5Brian McLaren, A New Kind […]

  2. 2

    Ahoy.. well, re: Writers’ Niche, I’m not entirely sure anyone other than Jamey considers it to be any sort of HQ for the writers, and considering what.. well, what is generally considered the “leadership” of the GoW, as much as anyone has that title.. (its a bit complex), tends to think of Jamey’s actions, at times… its unlikely it’ll ever be recognised as such within the guild. Very much not fond of that age myself, especially since it gets things like the D’ni numbering system /horribly/ wrong…

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